Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"And the winners are..."

and so ends my lame attempt at Blogtober fest but it was fun wasnt it!! Have come across so many peeps over the last month but now comes the hard part of keeping up the contact!!! One can only try. Anywho here are the 2 lucky winners

1. Sarah-Jo of Ideyspidey has won the fabric and pair of clips which I am sure will look divine on either her or Iris!!!

2. Lisa of A Spoonful of Sugar has won the personalised header and family squares!!!

Thanks for all the great comments and new links to explore!!!


Amber said...

Oh bugger I am so sorry. I have had the busiest day and just jumped on to enter. Never mind I will have to make sure I enter the next one if there is another...sorry my lovely..xx

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Thanks so much Shell - you have made our day!! As you can see from our header, it is badly in need of some style!!

Sarah-Jo said...

woo hooo thanks so much!!!!

that stash looks awesome!
congrats to spoonful too :)

mellimoomoo said...

Congrats to the winners. they were awesome giveaways Shell.

Holly said...

Oh no! That looked like it was an awesome giveaway too! Your flower hairclips are so gorgeous and just right for the warm weather right now.

Two Cheese Please

flossy-p said...

Congratulations to thew winners! (I stopped entering giveaways for a while after my winning streak, I didn't want to seem greedy) :)

p.s. Thanks for entering my giveaway!