Monday, October 27, 2008

"Give back the love"...giveaway

Okay so I have finally pulled out my finger and organised a giveaway for this lovely Blogtoberfest!! Big thanks to Big Cat for starting this revolution!!! Have had a few wins over this last month with this and this. So now it is someone elses turn!!!. I have two prizes. One electronic of sort and one material !!!
First prize is this stash of materialand a pair of little hairclips like this.
the other prize is a new blog header personally designed by consultation with you about your likes and dislikes!!! And a personalised family squares palm album/bragbook (just in time for a christmas present) like this one.... All you would have to do is send me the 10 pics that you would like to put in it!!I made these for bubba and chickens grandmas...cause every grandma loves a little brag book. Tis very handy cause it can fit into your purse and be added to as time goes by.

So now you know the give away stuff all you have to do for me is tell me...
1. what you like/dislike about my blog
2. which blog have you found to be the most interesting find from your blogtoberfest travels
3. which prize would you like to receive??

I shall draw the 2 winners on Tuesday Nov 4th 8pm

Enjoy the last week of the Blogtoberfest peoples!!!

***giveaway is now closed and has been won****

Saturday, October 25, 2008

emerging from my blogtoberfest slumber!!!

Sorry guys I went a little awol for a while....I warned you it was a stretch to do a whole month of consecutive blogging!!! Anywho...I definately havent been sitting on my bum!!! Have some sewing jobs to boast about soon and sleepover fun with the kids, and a giveaway is in the works. As you probably noticed I have had another play with my header....tell me what you think??? Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

girls night in!!!

Here in Aus we have girls night in during October for those who want to raise money for cancer research...thus My bud Lou is throwing a girls night in tomorrow night! Have made a few gift to give away or auction or lucky dip??? not sure which yet. Thought you all might like some of the ideas for I think they would make great cheap and easy gifts for xmas. I made some quick brooches using felt material and vintage buttons.

To go with the brooches I found some $2 hand towels and $1 2 year pocket planners.

So easy to do. Also found some pink string bags for $2.50. If you look closely you will see my new identity as I hope to open an etsy shop with some ideas I have mulling around in my head but who knows when I will get the chance to let that one out of the bag...ahhh well such is life!!! Have a great weekend one and all. I shall be having fun at my girls night out!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

pay it forward....

this photo is of bubba's first bash at flower arranging!!!

Am doing the Pay It Forward Handmade Thing So here's how it works.

I will send the first three people to leave a comment on this post a handmade gift within the next 365 days. I am willing to post anywhere in the world, so don't let that stop you commenting. The catch is that you have to have a blog and be willing to do the same thing....
So if you'd like to participate, then leave me a comment and make sure to leave me a valid email address so that I can contact you for your address etc.

Okay have my PIF nominees!!! Sarah Jo, Rach & Amber...thanks heaps girls you'll be seeing a package sometime in the next year!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winners are grinners!!!

I won the Ideyspidey comp for this gorgeous creation ...
A big thanks to the one and only Sarah Jo for having such funky giveaways check her out here for the next giveaway coming in Nov. Now me and my grin are off to clean the house!!!

It appears that I have worded this post badly. I won this skirt !!! I did not make it!!! Thanks again to Sarah Jo for the great giveaway

my mini model...

got the jamas on the little chicken first thing this morning. What do you think?? Not perfect but not too bad.

Have got the sewing bug now so this morning I made 2 pillow case dresses.
this one is stripey. I added a bit of a white frill thingy on top and a bit of green trim on the bottom.

I shaped this one a bit and it had some cute little flowers embroidered on the bottom. I think next time I will make it a bit higher in the neck..

Monday, October 13, 2008

I have created !!!!

and it was with the sewing overt your eyes all you pro sewers out there because it is by no means a masterpiece of sewing but it is my first bash at making a patern and sewing something with out any help. It is my masterpiece. A pair of jamas for chicken....I even put on some pretty bear in mind she is sound asleep so the modelling part of this creation has yet to be done but...DA DAHHHH!!!!

this is for the next pair...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

buster boy

my buster bubba has been up to his regular tricks again... 3 stitches...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Craftsbury kids giveaway

This delightful lady gave me the heads up on a great giveaway that is going on over here. There are loads of things in this giveaway but my favourites have to be...

this lovely splash mat by chalkydoodles
this cute crown by cakies
and this gorgeous collection of crib blanket and pillow sets...

Fingers crossed

10 years!!!

the love of my life and I have been married today for 10 years!!! Hardly seems like yesterday...I'm going on the philosophy that time flies when you are a having fun!!! I truely love this man and wish everyone a could find someone that they bond with like we do!! Sorry, enough of the drivel. Here are some remincent photos of back 10 years ago...
and as we are you babe!!!

flower photography

Okay the other day we did our usual nature armbands hunt but only picked is the results

Friday, October 10, 2008

flower eye candy prelude!!!

Okay this is going to be a pad out job of a post!!! surely some of you are going to be doing some if you are trying to post everyday!!!??? Anywho, I am. These are some shots of a flower I picked from a garden the other day. I just popped it on a white background and played around!!! More variety of flowers to come tomorrow...have a great blogtoberfest weekend!!!