Thursday, May 29, 2008

I won!!!

First time ever!! Still cant' believe it . The lovely Dione at sew funky had a giveaway. Check out the stash I am getting here.

Feel like all my christmases are coming at once...what's next??

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nature armbands

Was surfing the other day and came across the idea of putting tape wrongside up around the kids arms and go for a nature walk with them and stick your finds (whether they be flowers or leaves) on the band. loved the idea. Sorry I can't remember where i saw it please let me know if it was your blog so that I can give you credit. Anywho genius loved it
Here are their bands

I had to join in too so here is my band

Must say though that chicken didn't get very involved so would recommend it for 3 and up but chicken did enjoy the walk and picking up sticks so it was all good.

photo fun

have been playing around with my camera and taking shots using macro etc..Just thought that I'd share a few
this is my favorite

these are actually the first blooms from our bulb planting here I love the refraction(think thats the word) thru the drips

bikes are back

Kids have had these bikes put away cause chicken couldn't ride properly and battery problems. Decided to get them down the other day!!

Can't get them off them and they live in the kitchen under my feet going around and around!!! At least they enjoy them! Chicken has mastered the steering in a day!! very impressive

Flowers...where are they??

Had to do church flowers the other day and was really scratching for flowers. Found these flowers/seed thingys that look pretty but had to be wired to the bluey to stay up. anywho what do you think??

I love the colours but is mainly leaves from cordylines!!! Even managed to fit in a bit of foxtail flaxstuff!!

Wall hanger

Have been wanting to do something like this at our front door but cant so I thought why not try it in the kids room. They needed somewhere for their dressing gowns so I created...

Braided at last

Chicken has the most fly away hair on the planet I swear! And to make matters worse it never looks done even if I have done it. Not that she is very keen on getting her hair done anyway.but my persistance prevailed albeit for one day. She actually let me braid it the other day!! and left it in all day...maybe there is hope yet. Tell me someone else has this problem???

Playdough Fun

Pulled the playdough out again and bubba was determined to make a polar bear so I let him go for it...

Can't you just see how proud he is of his creation "the polar bear"

Chicken isn't as advanced naturally but she enjoyed herself just the same

OP shop finds

Man did I have some fun(being kidless and all) goin thru the taree op shops. Scored some fab stuff
Soft toys for $1 or less each

Stack of materials

Also got a heap of retro clothes for the bro and some lovely check pants for myself. Then I got to go to Spotlight!!! Very dangerous place for a person like myself to go but I managed to control myself and only got these fabric mostly on sale...

Lastly Mum and I went shopping for a sewing machine for myself!! Got one!! very exciting but will have to wait for another day for a post on it...

Taree travels

Went down to visit my niece who was born at the end of April. She is adorable and have found it hard to cull the photos of her and family!!! so excuse the indulgence and enjoy the beauty of a gorgeous bub...
Proud Dad with bub

Met mum there...proud as punch too

Family shot

the little miss herself

Went down to the bay to do some family shots put bubs on a big tuft of clover

my handsome bro

Had heaps of fun and was great to catch up thanks guys

Art swap goodness

Finally got my art swap from the U S of A. Very exciting and nice to see the real thing in the flesh...Big thanks to Two Cold Feet for the extravagance in the rest of the treats that I received. Will all go to great use.

Bye bye mum

Sorry for the lack of posts of late... the dreaded lurgy hit the house and is still lingering and have been away and loads more so I am on catch up over the next few days...

Firstly though mum left us to go to sydney then back to UK. So we had our last shots of the kids with her...Safe travels mum..

Monday, May 12, 2008

surprise mail!!

Have been reading about how a lot of my regular blog friend get these lovely gifts in the mail all the time and have to admit to getting the green eyes!!! But now I have the mail!!! Thanks to the one and only big cat!!! Thanks a bunch. Have decided to put it up as a picture hanging in chickens dolls house....perfect size. Very cute. Chicken loves it as much as I do!!

Puss in boots!!

My sis will get a laugh out of this....

These are the boots I borrowed from my sis for the party.
Bubba got hold of them tonight and posed for Dad!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

long live mothers day

As a gift for hubby's 30th my big sis shouted us out for the night at a flashy motel last night after her party. So this morning I woke up when i wanted to for the first time in a long time. What more could a mother want...but wait there was more hubby took me to IKEA. haven't been for so long!!! spent 2 hours checking every last thing out. Bought the kids some shelves, a mirror, kid's car mat, some funky containers, and a few other bits and bobs.

Then when we got home the kids had a gift for me of this..

I heart Gilmore Girls!!! I am just like a pig in mud.

So the afternoon was spent putting in the new shelves then rearranging the kids room.

Then just before bed the kiddilinks were having a ride on dad's legs

So loving today...hope you all have had a great mothers day too.