Friday, November 14, 2008

Grateful Surprise!!!

It must be all that good will from blogland that helped me...first weigh this morning and I actually lost!!! 1.8kg to be exact!!! Wahooo!!! Am on my way! So I am grateful that i can lose weight when I put my mind to it!!!


Sarah-Jo said...

woo hoo aww congrats shell that is a brillant start!

what are you doing different....give us gals some tips

gdaybeautiful said...

Told you!! Well done!!

Chantelle said...

Fab work! You've done so so well. You sound like you feel good too.

Thanks for all your support. We're going to be two smokin' hott Mummas when we're done.

Watch out playgrounds.... here we come. :P

Anonymous said...

wow! what a great start whatever you are doing, keep it up - must have been that shopping at spotty!

my waist measurement is down 2 cm since I started nearly 2 weeks ago. I had a planned treat today as part of program and it was most disappointing. my mrs fields peanut butter dream bar was anything but. it tasted sickly sweet and a bit slimy. back to the fruit:)