Monday, October 27, 2008

"Give back the love"...giveaway

Okay so I have finally pulled out my finger and organised a giveaway for this lovely Blogtoberfest!! Big thanks to Big Cat for starting this revolution!!! Have had a few wins over this last month with this and this. So now it is someone elses turn!!!. I have two prizes. One electronic of sort and one material !!!
First prize is this stash of materialand a pair of little hairclips like this.
the other prize is a new blog header personally designed by consultation with you about your likes and dislikes!!! And a personalised family squares palm album/bragbook (just in time for a christmas present) like this one.... All you would have to do is send me the 10 pics that you would like to put in it!!I made these for bubba and chickens grandmas...cause every grandma loves a little brag book. Tis very handy cause it can fit into your purse and be added to as time goes by.

So now you know the give away stuff all you have to do for me is tell me...
1. what you like/dislike about my blog
2. which blog have you found to be the most interesting find from your blogtoberfest travels
3. which prize would you like to receive??

I shall draw the 2 winners on Tuesday Nov 4th 8pm

Enjoy the last week of the Blogtoberfest peoples!!!

***giveaway is now closed and has been won****


vanessa. said...

well hello there =)
just because i can, i'm going to do your give away thingy ma bob! xP

and 1. i actually don't think i dislike anything on your blog is really well designed, as is everyhting you do xP and its really easy to navigate. I love seeing all the new piccies too :) yes, they are probably my favourite bit,,the pictures that

oh and 2. well, considering i don't look at any others then yours, i'm pretty positive that yours would HAVE to be the best! or most interesting/AWESOME! hehe

and i guess i better do 3. im pretty sure i'd like to get the second option..i mean, i'm not a grandma, but i like bragging all the same..and btw, i'd want pics of your kiddos xP lol

have a wonderful week my love!
love you muchly.

CurlyPops said...

Wowee what fabulous prizes!

1. I like everything about your blog...there's a great mix of crafty things, family things, kiddie things, & life in general. They're the sorts of things that I love reading about. I also love to see the differences between life in the city and life in the country.

2. There are so many fantastic blog reading has somewhat increased. I really can't pick a favourite but I have been enjoying Bellgirls blogcrawls.

3. I would love both prizes so I just can't choose between them! You pick for me.

Maureen said...

1. Like your blog...nicely clean w/o a lot of background color. (Reminding me to do some clean up some day ...soon?) Dislike/ not quite dislike but always worry about putting pictures of young children up.

2. Sadly away during a lot of the time and not as much blog travel as I'd have liked. I just about had time for some of the regular ones I like.

3. Being in the US, I'd like only the new header. I wanted to get a summer one such luck. It's fall going on winter now!

blackie said...

i have only just discovered your blog so no need to enter me in the comp. i'd just like to say those family squares are fantastic, and the hairclips. You may some really beautiful treasures. said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!!! Nothing I dont like it seems you have endless energy for crafts for your childern and that excites me!!! I'm a mom of 7 (only one left at home now) and a Grandma of 6 so far! God Bless you and your blog. I would love the fabric and would love for you to visit my blog! As for my favorate blog I dont have one and I look at many but love most. Your sparks my intrest!!!

motherdove said...

Hey girl...Try to stop me from entering your competition, only the second I have ever entered.

I really like your headers, nice and strong and indicative of what is in your blog. I adore catching up with what is happening in your neck of the woods. I like knowing what is going on with you family, particularly the children, and what exciting craft/design activities you are doing. I LOVE your close up pictures (so jealous of your camera - mine is terrible) but I think I've told you that before. I also regularly look at the other blogs you I like that too!
Dislikes? When you don't blog for a while! I think you should do blogtoberfest in November and December and get the hint.

Of course my two favourite blogs are bubba & chicken and gdaybeautiful (don't ever make me choose) but one that you both put me onto recently was etsy...all those delicious handmade products...inspirational.

ooh this one's easy! I would love a big fat header like yours! And I think those family squares are just the cleverest 'brag' idea ever! I would send mine to my sister in England. She would love it. They look fab in black and white.

Okay all finished! Too long? P xx

gdaybeautiful said...

I won't be entering the comp, but would love you to show me how to make those brag books. I need you teach me lots about the computer, I really need to hire you for a week of tutoring.

Shellbells said...

thanks for visiting guys

mommab I cant get into your blog so please contact me as I too would love to check out your blog!!!


Kylie said...

1/ I LOVE that you tell us a little about yourself and family and make it that little bit personal

2/ I found so many different and interesting blogs - just a shame I did not jump in and join all of the fun - oh well - next time! I have found Leni and Rose and love her Tuesday Tips

3/ I would LOVE to win the electronic prize - would make a great christmas gift and I am useless with html and would love a banner for my blog.

Corrie said...

mmmm I'd love a new header

I love the fresh photos on your blog and your funny style...nothing to dislike

oh dear I haven't been travelling in blogtoberfest but I have baby twins so thats my excuse

and as above the blog header!


sewfunky said...

Hey there! :)

1. Don't dislike anything about your blog! Love reading what you're up to!

2. I really like curlypops blog, but I discovered her earlier than blogtoberfest so... one I found during blogtoberfest -

3. I don't need a blog redesign - my hubby is a graphic designer... But I'd love to win the fabric!!!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Sophie said...

Hi Shellbells, Thanks for popping into my blog! I'm amazed that with all that you seem to do and blogs you already check in on(just had a look at your two blogs) that you have time for browsing new blogs! Thank you for your lovely comments.

I would love to enter your comp!

1) From the brief look I've had at bubba & chicken and Mullum Munchkins (and I WILL be coming back for more inspiration), I love your crafty ideas, particularly the brooches and hairclips - they are fabulous, and your willingness try lots of new things! Bravo! The only downside of the blog I found (and perhaps I'm engaging the wrong side of the brain having had posts on the left-side for far too long) it took me a minute to see the posts were down the right-side of the page! duh!! Sorry, thick as two short planks sometimes.

2)I haven't had a lot of time to surf the net for new blog inspiration recently but favourites are: friends,, and general blogs, Are we allowed fave sites too? In which case, and one I've just discovered in the UK called I just love looking at their photography and ideas.

3. I'd love the header and brag book pls!!!

All the best,

mellimoomoo said...

Great prizes!
1. Love your mix of family/crafting/kids and that you live in my part of world! not really a dislike but: I also worry about pix of kids... I post pix of my little one too and it's hard to decide how to do it safely.
2.I've loved discovering BigCat, and LinoForest for sure.
3. Family squares - what a neat idea.

mellimoomoo said...

...I also wanted to say thank you for visitng my blog and sharing your wishes xo

Taccolina said...

Hi! I ove seeing hwat people are coming up with and waht they want to share in the blogworld as giveaways. I'd like to enter this one, too! I love the idea of having a blog banner designed for me. Ooohhh...

1. I like your writing style, which is chatty and personal, but entertaining. It's like reading a good letter. Keep it up!

2. My goodness, I have found SO many blogs through Blogtober. Three have to be... Bellgirl, Handmaiden, block-a-day and Bug and Pop (that's four). But there are lots more, too many to mention, as well as older faves like Pottymouthmama, Big Cat, Hoppo Bumpo and more... Addicted? Yes!

3. Banner design, yeh yeh yeh...

Amber said...

Oh this is fun...i have no time now.
Will try to jump on later and fill out all questions.
Busy time...nice to have you back

Ruth said...

Love your blog... mostly the fun mix of kids and craft :-)

I like spoonfullofsugar blog and also

I would love to win the second prize because the family squares look awesome!

Ruth xx

Elizabeth said...

here's lookin' at you!

i really like your blog!

i really like curlypops for posting all the giveaways! she rocks.
also loving bowerbirdz - all her fun buttons!

oooooo. i would love to win the fabric!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your new header!! I always like to pop by your blog - you ahve a lovely mix of crafty stuff and family life! Your little munchkins are so cute.

I wasn't involved in blogtoberfest myself - too busy at the moment. I noticed that Big Cat and Curly Pop's really embraced the spirit and had lots going on at their blogs.

Love to win a new header!!

Sarah-Jo said...


I love reading your blog, best bits are the header and the blogs about your kiddies, your flower pics are stunning too

my fave blog to date would have to be
I love trawling thru her stuff shes amazing!

I would luvre to win the fabric stash it looks impressive!