Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Art swap fun - Big Cat style

A big thanks firstly must go to Big cat for organising this lovely swap...Secondly to my mum for helping me get the idea out of my head and into fruition. Apologise for posting a day early but will be extremely busy tomorrow and then going out to dinner late!! Apart from that here it is...(for those who don't understand it is a mail holder to put important pieces of paper like invites , flyer and other family stuff that can clog your desk.) Oh and our theme was on "in the woods".

This is it in use...

without paper

one end close up

other end close up

I used iron on tshirt transfer to do the tree trunks onto a canvas material stapled around a piece of pine. Sporatically there are pouches for the mail to slide into. Then I glued the green tree on the end. Was actually not too difficult. And no sewing needed!! Right up my alley. Oh and I got my hubby to put the hanger on the back because that's a mans job!! LOL

Hope you will not only like this curly pops but will get lots of use out of it. Hope it matches your kitchen??? Please forgive the amateur attempts. Squint so that you don't see the imperfections LOL.

Flashback funnies - what noise does...

Just remembering back when bubba was littler... I used to play a game with him where he would say an animal and I would make the it's noise eg. sheep-baa baa. Anywho we used to play it in the car and one day he said hippo...I told him that I didn't know what noise a hippo makes and his reply was..."they go hip hip hooray Mummy". Priceless comment. Why not post some of your flash back funnies on your blogs?? I'll be looking.
Just to finish, here is a funny shot of chicken as proud as punch at the new pouch she had just created for her sippy bottle!!

Playdough days

Decided to pull out the playdough today. Had to buy some more as the old stuff had gone hard. Haven't got it out for ages as chicken likes to put it in her mouth. Can you believe she had fun (without eating it!) and they both played for about a hour. bubba has missed it heaps but there is very rarely a moment when chicken isnt around. Just one of the perks of a growing girl!!

Firstly a cute shot of both...

creating their masterpieces...

bubba's masterpiece...a elephant (10 points if you can see the ears and trunk)

chickens fun she is starting to talk a bit more the last few weeks all she would say it was was"cut"...

I love it when my kids create things..

Nan has arrived

Yep Nan is here. Had dinner 2 nights ago for her birthday ....

Also found out I'm an aunty again!! Stay tuned for baby pictures in the weeks to come...

Hope lollipop isn't too lonely without Nan. We are taking good care of her for you!!

PS> for anyone's info mum turned 21 again!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Party time X-man style

Wasn't very patriotic today (still remembered the diggers quietly) but spent most of day at little X-man's first birthday party. Took heaps of photos so here they are...

The gorgeous Jodi and bubba

presents glorious

the lovely Mr & Mrs X-man

The atmosphere

the old ladies!!!

The old men!!!

The food...

the preparerer!!

The birthday boy and fam...

climbing the tree

the cake!!!

two seconds down the road on the way home....

Mud mud mud

Yesterday we finally had a rain free day. I was expecting mum to arrive and also a old school friend was dropping by to catch up. So what do kids do when you want them presentable??? Find mud of course. But hey they were having fun, who was I to stop them.

Bubba doing his best "RAAAAA"

Chicken trying to shoot me with the hose

I love this shot. tried about 5 times to get the flower focused and bubba blurred. Didn't help that bubba wasn't holding flower still!

The very beautiful mel