Friday, July 25, 2008

box creations

think this is the last of the things that I designed for the kids to create at the happy holiday hour ...just some boxes for the older girls classes to put their chocolate crackles in...

First was a flower topped box..

Other was a piece of cake...

It opened at the back...

dinner creations

Bubba surprised us a dinner with a cute little man he created...

If you look closely you will see that he has cauliflower hair on his head!!!
He was proud as punch and so were we!!

masking tape?

Almost had to buy shares in masking tape recently cause every night we have had to tape chickens nappy to her! Why, I hear you say in shock disbelief, cause she keeps on taking hers off and wets the bed the pillows everything!!! We have been doing it for about 6 months no kidding and have had no success with the front button up all in one suits as she takes everything off!! Just call her Houdini!!! That is until I came across this genius creation from bonds that is called the EASYSUIT suit.
Not only do we not have to worry about her taking her clothes off at night anymore but she hasn't even touched her nappy!!! Please send me some sympathy love if you have had some similar probs....Long live BONDS!!!! a pig in mud!!!

Over the last few months we have purchased our new dining table with ultra comfy curvy backed chairs.
Has leather seats but the backs are wooden.Very kid friendly but stylish at the same time!!! So nice to be able to eat in style.
This delightful little reclining chair was on sale so had to snavel it too.It is now called mums relaxing reading chair. Have already got a place drawn up for it in my head for the future house we will someday soon be building!!!

Thus I am like a pig in mud!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keeping Nan and Lollipop happy.

This post is mainly for nan and lollipop...just some shots of the clothing gifts in use...thanks again

And one sweet one of chicken snugglin with dadda

Sew Funky goodness

While I was absent my prize from the afore mention comp arrived....A lovely box jam packed full of goodies. Thanks so much to Sew Funky!! Especially love the trademark dish cloth she had thrown in!!! Check out her crafty goodness here.

Happy holiday hour crafty creations

Yes the main reason for the lack of posts has been cause I have a lot of work to do for our church run happy holiday hour in the first week of the school holidays. we get roughly 140 kids a day!!! LOTS of work!!! Was involved in the leading the songs and actions, was a lead in the skit that goes on everyday, and did all the bags designs for the first days crafts and a few other crafts too!!! Anywho... have got some picks of the older girls bag designs...
First one is the 9-10yr old girls was a cupcake theme. They had a ball with these and all turned out really well.

The next bag was for the 11-12 yr old girls. Was my version of a cherry blossom tree design!!

new header...

okay felt that it was time I revamped my header seeing as bubba and chicken are growing up quickly!!! Not sure if I like it.. What do you think?? Shall sleep on it and play again tomorrow I think. NIght

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sand patch fun!!

we went camping the other weekend at our family owned property we affectionately call the sandpatch. We all had such fun just getting away from the everyday things and being at one with nature. Some shots of the camp.

nature photography that I took of our surroundings...
the lovely campfire (i love the smell of a camp fire!!)
colourful fungi

animal home...
the firewood

op-shop finds again

Had few cool finds the other day...
a couple of gorgeous skirts for chicken

nice materials
and adorable practically new denim jacket for chicken
Here is the girl herself modelling it....think its a keeper!

Water to wine

We had the water to wine story in sabbath school the other week and we had jo-jo dress up as a bride...couldnt resist to post how gorgeous she looked!!
Also a shot of bubba as a aussie child for the Jesus loves the little children song!

Chicken's birthday gift

Big thanks to the special aunty who bought chicken this funky outfit. Here's a couple of modelling shots LOL!!

Am in love with the tights!