Monday, November 24, 2008

xmas has come early in our house...

yes due to the fact that they we going out of stock fast so we had to buy purchase for the whole family....What I hear you say...a motorised 2 seater go cart of course!!! Got it Thursday so we spent the whole day Sunday driving it around. Bubba is super excited and we have actually been able to let him drive it himself with chicken hanging on for dear life but with the hugest smile on her face...He's some video of them...Please note that soon after this I got run over but thats another story altogether(Totally my own silly fault)
had Nanni B and Grumps come for tea tonight so we went out and showed them the delight!! Here's some shots of the 2 daredevils..

of course Nanni B had to have a ride ( note the white knuckles!!!)
Chicken with her fav...Grumpy
Someone wanted to play peekaboo
Then there was some chipmunks who turned up...

Hope your weekend was as fun as ours.


Amber said...

Too cute. That looks like so much fun. Maybe Santa could borrow it for a night...hhehehe
take care..xx

Anonymous said...

I love that the second chipmunk is you!! what is it about you country people - if you haven't got dangerous farm machinery, you get a seriously out there family toy!!!!!! you can tell I'm a city slicker hey!! just so glad to hear the injury isn't too serious.

This looks like so much fun. Let dad take the kids next weekend, and you put that leg up, or at very least, your foot to the sewing machine pedel! package sent today:)

motherdove said...

That is so super cool!! I can only imagine how amazingly fun it was...and will continue to be!

Freshly Found said...

How extra special. Such a lovely gift and your Christmas shopping is mostly done!