Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OTT arrives

Big congrats to the T family on the arrival of the absolutely adorable bundle of joy....Can't wait to see him.

playgroup adventures

Yes have been away from the pots again too long. This is why...

Has been taking up alot of my time understandably. have tried to catch up with you all though. Check out the blog for our playgroup here there are some fun crafts too that we have created for all you mums out there. Shall endeavour to do the catch up of posts again sometime soon...does that sound familiar???!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Check this out.....Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

This woman is amazing and I love this dress heaps!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


just had to do one last post tonight of bubba drawings of mum....

and dad...

early birthday pressy

bubba turns 4 very soon so we have purchased a nice bike for him.

Had a test run yesterday without the training wheels didnt go down well!!!

Needless to say the training wheels are now back on!!
This is chicken overseeing the bike business...

then we had a early dinner with grumpy and nanni b here is what he got....

winter sunday picnic

I know we dont get winter in the true sense of the word up here but it gets cold enough for me...last sunday we caught up with the cousin & fam. Met at a little seaside town near us called Brunswick. Was one of those cold dreary days never the less...
kids played in the park...

kids met up with a lady and her bird

boys fished...( they caught 2 small ones but did the kiss and return thing!!!)

ate & drank too much of this!!

the birds got a feed too

but all in all had a ball...love sundays!!!

Thanks for the fun P xxx

got the knitting bug...

well in the little time i have I managed to get the bug to create this simple little hat. grey one was made for xman but bubba has taken a shine to it so shall just have to make another. green one has gone to alyce, pink one is chikens but cant get her to keep it on long enough to take a pick of her in it- me thinks it was futile effort. This is the next one in production...for me!!!

sabbath fun

had the gorgeous Alyce come to our house for sabbath lunch...kids love her to death. got some shots of them playing boo out of the basket!!

more fun hairstyles

have just few more pics of the chickens latest funky hairstyles!!!

Had a go at the criss cross type...

i love this one...and believe it or not it actually stayed in place all day!!!

bubba's creations

bubba was able to participate in the happy holidy hour this year as one of the boys(although probably not mature enough) and did all the crafts that the 5-6 year old boys did. the pictures are to follow...think he did quite well despite his almost 4 age!!!
a sheep wall hanging
a flower press with native nuts on topa gecko catching a fly wall hanger there are pegs to hang on things on to the red tongue bit!

an echidna photo frame, and the kids got there photo taken to put in it too.

and last but not least his version of my gecko designed bag

My buster boy

while we were in the middle of the happy holiday hour week, Bubba decided to cause a ruckus!! He was going to his bed to ut his PJ's under his pillow when he tripped and cut his eyebrow open!! Lots of blood. bandaged head and a little glue and he was good!!

flower power

over the last few weeks I have been taking shots of the lovely winter blooms in our garden so I thought that I would share them with you....Hope you enjoy

PS am still on catch up from the last few weeks so will try and post more over the next few days...stay tuned...maybe even tonight!!!