Monday, June 2, 2008

Rain Rain go away!!!

am very sick of rain ...not much to blog about except maybe chickens hair style today....WoooHooo

And the boredom inside lead to the finding of one of my old tapes!!! Boo Hoo!! Upside was that it kept them occupied for about an hour!!

has anyone else got cabin fever???

Wet weekend fun

Had a busy but fun weekend. Mum flew back for the weekend so that she could see friends and my nephew! So Friday night we had some fun with Deck.
The boys..

having fun with the "waterfall of balls"

Eating the compulsory chocolate bicky...

Chicken even let me braid her hair 3 times for church

Had to take a shot of bubba's drawings (chicken's attempts are on the left hand side)...

Sunday we had some fun at the farm..

Hope you all had fun too...