Saturday, December 29, 2007

Have been surfing...probably should be sleeping but you know how it goes. Just found a few really cool blogs>>> check them out in the "blogs I peruse section" Also found this gorgeous looking beanbag/hammock. Pretty hexy but one can always dream. It is called Le Beanock. I want one!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

How naughty have you been?

Just put Bubba & Chicken to bed..late in the hope that we get a decent sleep in! Wishful thinking I know. Bubba has only just been introduced to the whole Santa concept. I asked him what happens tomorrow and he said in a excited voice..."I might get to see Santa!" This surprises me cause I thought that the first comment would be that he gets to open presents!! I said that I thought Santa only came to boys who have been good, and asked him if he had been naughty or nice. His reply into his sheets was, "I've been a little bit naughty!!!" So cute, hope you've been nice..

in the beginning...

Tis christmas eve and I have finally gotten some down time to start my blog. Have yet to wrap the last of the pressies and put under tree but hey that can wait. Due to Chickens age we have not had anything under tree for fear that it will be ripped to pieces, probably would be encouraged by Bubba too! Bubba vows and declares that it isn't Christmas cause there are no presents under the tree! Nothing too exciting to tell you all today but at least I have made a start. Hope Santa brings you everything you want...