Monday, February 25, 2008

The VBS silly season is coming again...

Every year our church runs a Vaction Bible School for the community in the July holidays and we have been doing it for 13 years or more. This year I am again doing the bag designs for children to make on the first day to put their crafts that they make for the rest of the week in. Have decided to get my designs done asap. Have just done the first 2 for the 5&6 year olds.The theme is australiana thus the ring tail possum...

and the koala and her baby...

The animal bodies have been made out of egg cartons bar the googley eyes, pink in ears. This is definately a prototype and very rough but you can get the idea.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday fun

Kids had some fun in the sand today...

Then we had wedges for lunch. Look what chicken decided to do with hers...

Bet you never thought the net was going to catch wedges Nanni B...

Grease Monkeys

Today the hubby got his suspension in the mini jeep!! Much hard work for the 3 grease monkeys...
Thanks for the help guys

Friday, February 22, 2008

Flashback funnies - Chickens latest hat...

Anyone who has been to our house knows that chicken has a thing for shoes, bags and hats... I am told that it is a little girl thing. Anywho I was folding up the washing the other day and putting them into the respective piles of bubba, chicken, hubby, and mine. At the same time I was watching the TV(women can multitask) and watching the kids play with the blocks on the floor behind me. I turned around to put something on a pile and found this...

If you look carefully you can see that chicken has quite cleverly put on my elmo undies as a hat...even under the arms mind you. Plus she has put her brothers wiggles undies over the top of her jumpsuit.

Maybe she's going to be a designer???

Any regulars??

hi guys was just wondering how many people actually read this blog??? Do I have any regulars??? Also do any of you bloggies know how to get a email to tell you when a certain blog has posted??? Please help!!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

homewares I love...

Check out this gorgeous chair...Want one? click here

Am loving these funky lamp shades by tazana

Get me one of these here

Am looking for/dreaming about a new dining table and want one that is flexible...look what I have found. Want it? click here

Would love one of these in my room... found it here

Too many choices...another cool find from ambient lounge

things I love...

Hi have been blog surfing again....

Found this cool blog Tangled and true. They have some fun stuff there definately worth a gander. My favorite find was the plantable card. Simply post the card then all the receiver has to do is plant the card and wildflowers will grow. Awesome! Click here if you want to find out more.

This is a simple idea for a light fitting for a girls room...

love this... if you do too go here

If you don't have one of these
elume candles then you are missing out. They are all over my house and give off a subtle lovely scent of your choice..GET ONE

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Flashback funnies- Flower power!!

Was downloading the photos that I have taken on my mobile phone and found this little gem of Bubba. We were about to go outside for a play and I sent him to go and get his hat - as per the rules in our house no hat no play. He emerged with this WINTER hat!!! Then he asked me to take a photo of him and the flower. Don't you just love the pose...Such a natural

Monday, February 18, 2008

Random pictures

Thought that seeing as I have made the effort I'd go all out and take some random shots from around my world.

Kids at bath time...

bunch of flowers that I have just picked for my dining table..

Have a great day peoples..

Fun with the Smith family

Went 2 Smiths recently and kids had a ball

Girls danced

Boys played

will do it again soon... so watch out Smiths!!

Gifts aplenty for me!!

I have been so spoilt of late. Of course Valentines has just gone by and wahla...

That romantic man of mine bought me 10 roses one for every year we have been married. And a gift voucher for my favorite shop in town. So went to shop today and bought myself a cute little vase to go on my tv cabinet.Do you like??

Then Nanni B dropped in a lovely ornamental vase.

Am I lucky or what....

bedroom update

YES We have finally pulled out our fingers and done some more to the kids room. Hubby has put in the windows and made the bed head to my specifications...gotta love that man! I spent the wee hours Saturday night and sunday morning giving the bedhead a stain so that it matches the beds...well pretty close anyhow. Dont ever use stain and varnish!! So hard not to show the runs and streaks. Anywho it is now done! It makes the room cause both kids have their own little nook now. If one has their light on it doesnt keep the other one awake!! Hubby even wired in some nice night lights for them.

Here is chicken's side...notice the butterflies have returned. She hasn't touched them now for 2 weeks so hopefully they are there for good. Have yet to fill the shelves but that won't take long.

This is bubba's side.

Both bubba and chicken have a little nook to put their current books in at their head.

Also have used the space between the beds to use as a dirty linen chute.

Sorry picture is sideways. Haven't stained the door yet but I hope you get the drift. I love a multitasking piece of furniture!!

So thats the update on the bedroom done...check!

Chicken has her first CRUSH!!!

Two weekends ago we had lots of fun with Karl & Hannah. Chicken is SOOOOO smitten with Karl. We went for a sabbath afternoon walk and of course the kids accidentally fell in!! Oh and one of chicken's few words now is KARL!!

Lazy bum has returned!!

Sorry it has been so long!! Haven't really been lazy. I wish...what mother can ever really say she has been lazy. Kids don't allow it. Have been doing lots of design work on the side (among other things)...

So this is where I have been spending my spare time. I got a email from my good friend telling me that she was sick of seeing the giraffe!!! So here I am guilted into returning. Have a heap of things to show over the next few days so keep your eyes glued and I promise to fulfil!!