Monday, January 21, 2008

Gaz... the giraffe!

Mate my creative juices are flowing this week. Must be the influence of all the bloggers I peruse. Have had a bash at making a giraffe! Have named him Gaz. Bubba has his eye on him so I guess his life will be spent on Bubba's bed. Took forever to hand sew... My mother in law would despair!! Again I'm not the greatest sewer!! I found this funky material at a op shop in town. It used to be a sheet. Stay tuned for more cause I'm having fun....Time permitting of course.

Rocket boy

Have finally pulled my finger out to do the wall decals for Bubba's side of the wall. Still need to add more stars I think.

Really happy with the way it has turned out. Bubba was impressed too! Was really easy. Just draw your shape and cut out in sticker paper and stick to wall!

Friday, January 18, 2008

He made it holy....

Was just going through the memory verse for this week with Bubba. It is "God blessed the seventh day and made it holy" His interpretation of this was..."God made it holy and polished it!!!" Need I say anymore?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Master Scissorhands

Yes I'm sure this happens to every mother once or twice, you turn around to see a big hunk of hair missing. In my case the reason was that his hair was in his face - so logical! Lucky his hair grows fast.

Fun outside.

Just a few pics of Bubba and Chicken having fun in the garden in between the bucketing rain we have been having lately.

Splishin and a splashin...

Spider man..

Things I love

Have got a few things to share again..

Checkout this website:
It has the most interesting art piece's. Nanni B you'll love it.

Living Stones floor cushions

Funky chalk vase that you can change the message everyday if you want... you can get it here

One zipper purse!!

Very original Love it! It's available at

Flashback Funnies- Love those enemies

Shall be doing some flashback funnies of Bubba & Chicken every now and then. Here is the first.

Bubba always gets a vitamin C from Ma when he goes over to her place. This particular day he went over and there weren't any Vitamin C's left. Quick thinker (and sharp eyes) he asked Ma if she "had any of those enemies". Ma had no idea so she asked him if he could see what he was talking about and he pointed up in the pantry about 3 shelves up to the M&M's packet that was just peeking out!! So who of you love enemies!!!

Chicken does- here's the proof!

Bedroom butterflies

Yes I have finally pulled my finger out to update you all on the bedroom changes. Carpet went in on Monday, windows will hopefully be in next Monday.

Spent hours cutting out the butterflies for Chicken's side of the bed and now there is only about 3 left!!! At least I have the photos to prove they were once there. Will put more up when she gets a little older!

Isn't she just so innocent..NOT!!

Just realised that you haven't seen the feature wall colour yet!! I love it. More to come.


Had a wonderful day last Saturday. Joined by Marshalls and Nanni B & Grumpy we headed up the waterfalls. Lots of rain has made them beautiful as you will see. Chicken wanted to get deeper and deeper and Bubba just wanted to take home all the tadpoles he could find...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

things I love...

Check this gorgeous but simple light shade out. It's made by rose radish.

How adorable is this idea for a baby holder!! Pity my kids are too big now.

I love this idea. Was thinking of putting it into practise on the kids new feature wall?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas/New Year catch up

Happy New year one and all. Everyone is sick today....Bubba with temp and sooky, Chicken with high temps teething, and hubby feeling achy all over. Last night was a doozy. Anywho it is now nearly midnight and all is well, fingers crossed.

Where do I start...
Bubba & chicken were absolutely spoiled rotten over christmas. Mind you I didn't do too bad either. Must have been nice or something!!! Had such a great time with family (kids with their cousins) that we didn't want it too end. Have had so much rain though. Bit of a bummer. We are usually living in the pool at this time of the year! Too late it is back to the working world now.

Are currently in temporary digs till we get council approval to build. Have just spent the last week adding on a new room for the kids to dwell in so that the old room can be a spare room/play room.

This is Chicken giving Dad a helping hand!!

Bubba and chicken in their new beds. Tonight is the 3rd night with bubba and chicken together in the same room. Chicken has never slept in a normal bed before then and is taking to it like a duck to water. Am loving the extra room even if it is just to fit in the xmas gifts!! Have also gotten my family room back and kids have a place to set things like train sets up!!! Bubba is in heaven. The most notable difference though is that hubby and I dont share a room with anyone else now!!! Things are looking up.

Have been getting creative with the new room design. Bought them both a new bed with a trundle. Wonderful!!! Look great and are functional too. Am going to paint a feature wall in the aqua off the bedspreads. Shall post the creations when they happen.
Anywho I have finally managed to create something for Chicken to put on her bed. Very amateur I know but I gave it a bash. needlework is definately not my strong point.

Have also been cruising the blog world the last few days and love the stuff out there. There are some very funky and fun people. Check out the blogs on the side>>>.

Shall chat again soon with more bedroom photos.