Saturday, October 18, 2008

girls night in!!!

Here in Aus we have girls night in during October for those who want to raise money for cancer research...thus My bud Lou is throwing a girls night in tomorrow night! Have made a few gift to give away or auction or lucky dip??? not sure which yet. Thought you all might like some of the ideas for I think they would make great cheap and easy gifts for xmas. I made some quick brooches using felt material and vintage buttons.

To go with the brooches I found some $2 hand towels and $1 2 year pocket planners.

So easy to do. Also found some pink string bags for $2.50. If you look closely you will see my new identity as I hope to open an etsy shop with some ideas I have mulling around in my head but who knows when I will get the chance to let that one out of the bag...ahhh well such is life!!! Have a great weekend one and all. I shall be having fun at my girls night out!!


Sarah-Jo said...

Hi, I noticed your lovely tags they look great I hope the etsy store is a huge success!

The felt flowers look awesome!

and where did you find the string bags??? I want I want!!!

CurlyPops said...

Sounds like a great night...fab prizes!

vanessa. said...

hey hey!
shell they look awesomeeeee!
i love them! my favourite is the browny and maroon coloured one with the 2 tags..but not with the floral print..the one above that!
yep its awesome!
great idea!
you should make me one =P
lots of love..

Naomi said...

Loving the flowers! Incredibly cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog too BTW!

Amanda said...

The brooches are gorgeous, you are very clever. Can't wait to hear more about this etsy shop!

motherdove said...

how did it go??

Shellbells said...

went really well. still counting the money raised as we have a raffle till the 31st.

gdaybeautiful said...

Well done, shame about your daily blogs.

edward and lilly said...

They are such cute brooches!

Lynda said...

brooch, hairclip or on a hair elastic - I'd buy one from your etsy shop. let's just hope the $A recovers a bit first!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cheers, Lynda

All Things Lovely said...

I just found your blog, which is gorgeous, but I LOVE these brooches. I'm in a brooch kind of mood at the moment, and they are just beautiful. :)

Good luck with the Girls Night In, it's such a fabulous cause. I'm sad my girlfriends aren't doing it this year.

Velvet and Linen said...

Your artwork is beautiful and charming.
I'm looking forward to seeing what else you create.


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

those are gorgeous!!! xo

.girl ferment. said...

hey so cute!
good luck with opening the etsy shop.
i am trying to do the same thing... one day huh.