Monday, October 13, 2008

I have created !!!!

and it was with the sewing overt your eyes all you pro sewers out there because it is by no means a masterpiece of sewing but it is my first bash at making a patern and sewing something with out any help. It is my masterpiece. A pair of jamas for chicken....I even put on some pretty bear in mind she is sound asleep so the modelling part of this creation has yet to be done but...DA DAHHHH!!!!

this is for the next pair...


Sarah-Jo said...

that is gorgeous shell! well done
I love the pretty lace detail very girly!

Cant wait to see the blue one made up I love blue at the moment!

And Im drooling over your sewing machine it looks like a very cool machine!

Amber said...

Good work....looks great!


motherdove said...

You are so clever! I really like your pillowcase creations! Very creative.