Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winners are grinners!!!

I won the Ideyspidey comp for this gorgeous creation ...
A big thanks to the one and only Sarah Jo for having such funky giveaways check her out here for the next giveaway coming in Nov. Now me and my grin are off to clean the house!!!

It appears that I have worded this post badly. I won this skirt !!! I did not make it!!! Thanks again to Sarah Jo for the great giveaway


motherdove said...

Congrats! Did you make that little skirt? It's fab!

Ruth said...

Wow! Well done... you mean you made that skirt?

Ruth xx

Shellbells said...

okay girls I am not that tricky!!!! The lovely Sarah JO had this skirt as a giveaway...I think she made it?? I won it...yes I am very stoked!!!