Thursday, October 9, 2008

long live op shops!!!

Spent the whole day trekking the op shops with my SIL today...soooooooooo much fun. Came home with heaps...check out my finds...
For bubba...(including a pair of Rip curl boardies and pair of practically brand new globes)

For chicken....dresses
long sleeve shirts
a cute pair of shoes for the farm
a miriad of books for the kids
buttons and bric & brac
tshirts for myself
pants for me, lovely grey handbag and soft chocolate scarf for Europe next year
and lastly a couple of retro shirts and a tie for my little bro's 30th(he'll be like a pig in mud)
And all this came to the grand total of under $80 can you believe it?? did kinda help that one of the shops had 50% off everything in store!!!


Amber said...

Wow you have bagged the whole shop....that is great!
You have found some amazing stuff.

Op shopping it is like a sleep just want more...

cindy said...

Wow, when you said you were going op shopping you really meant it. That is quite a bounty.

jodi said...

You must be exhausted!

BigCat said...

Oh, I did exactly the same thing yesterday and also scored the mother load. I haven't been able to post about it all yet as I had to leave it all at Curlypops house. I'll be posting about it on Sunday hopefully.

CurlyPops said...

Eeeeeek! All those kids clothes are amazing...especially the Globe runners. They probably would have been $80 new.
The shirts for your brother are very cool indeed...and buttons...and fabric....I'm so jealous!

Amanda said...

Wow, a great bounty of finds. I'm another button addict. I've got jars of them scattered all around the house.

Love the Globes!

mellimoomoo said...

You are a mighty fine op-shopper aren't you! Thanks for dropping by my blog and re: where do I op-shop, God, where do I start! There isn't an op-shop in our area I don't visit regularly :) It depends totally on where I am on any given day. (always find a minute or two to drop into an op-shop) Haven't really explored the Gold Coast of Brissy though...