Sunday, March 16, 2008

Flashback funnies - ways to reduce your waist!!!

Just had to take this picture of what chicken did to her doll using bubba's belt....not sure if you were to try this method you would have the same effect but it was funny just the same!!!

PS note that no dolls were harmed in this process and doll was released from belt promptly after photoshoot!!!

NEWSFLASH!!! Hubby just informed me that he put the belt on the doll!!! Was kinda thinkin that chicken was quite tricky. spose it just make this story all the funnier!!!

1 comment:

vanessa. said...

funniest thing EVER.!
he is NEVER going to live that down.
eheheh uncle matt and his dolls. i always knew he had a soft side. xD
love you