Sunday, March 23, 2008

The big egg hunt!!!

What a day!!! kids had a ball as you will see. Started the day with making of their loot bags.
heres what a few looked like...

Next came the surprise easter bunny. check out the response...

A big thanks to Uncle Stew...aka the Easter bunny

He had them hopping around the place to find their eggs....

There was alot of hunting...

and gathering...

and of course the occasional snack on the run.

Then the Easter bunny took off with eggs and pursuit was on for all.

Gotta have a drink after all the running

easter bunnies apprentice

see chicken's eggs???

checking out the loot

boys bumming around

then fun outside

had moments like these (surprisingly very few considering the chocolate consumed)

darling phebe

chicken and sky doing cartwheels

attempt no 1 @ a group shot

bubba found out that he could blow up water bombs

phebe had other ideas


attempt no 2......a success

chicken & sky's rumble on the tramp


adorable sky

Thanks for the fun guys

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Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, what a brilliant day thanks for all the fun. Lots a love Marcy, Paul, Sky, Phebe & Sofie