Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Bunny is coming to my house...

Have been busy doing the eggs for the kids egg hunt on Sunday. Will have 9 kids coming. Don't know about you but don't really want my kids eating too much chocolate but want them to have a fun egg hunt. So I have bought a heap of egg cases.
Thought you might like some easter inspiration??? Hope it helps...

this is the amount that each child will get in total...

boys get one egg with 2 cars to make

girls get one egg full of hairclips

One chicken each

One egg full of water bomb balloons

one egg full of COLES brand smarties

one egg with stickers (girls got kittens and boys got cars)

one egg with 3 mini sticks of playdough and 2 googley eyes

one egg with bouncy ball

and lastly a cute bunny face container I found with a water pistol inside.

Am going to dress up as the easter bunny and shall do the follow the string thing and hunt when we get to a bow/knot in the string. Fingers cross the kids enjoy it.

Have a happy easter, shall see you all on the other end of the holidays....


BigCat said...

I wish I could come. That looks like a great Easter Egg hunt. The kids are going to love it.

vanessa. said...

i have to say my love.
that is pretty much the BEST easter egg hunt EVER.!
the kiddos are gonna love it.!
by the way,
what are we gonna do for the 50th anniversary? i know its ages away, but its best to be prepared.
love you