Thursday, March 6, 2008

The attack of the snottygobbles!!!

I love that phrase...snottygobbles. My delightful sister-in-law introduced it too me and thus I have snavelled it. Today was nice to have just me and chicken... except that I was following her everywhere with a tissue before she slurped up the snakes of snot..Don't you hate that they do that!!

Despite her sickness her clothing fetish reared its ugly head again.

A pair of her shorts (she removed from the dirty linen basket no less)... I tried to get a shot of the back but she kept moving.
this was the best one...

Hope your day was as fun as mine

PS Apologise for the photo quality...still waiting for my new camera.


gdaybeautiful said...

'Snotty gobble' is a foliage we used to use at the florist, nothing like what you describe thank goodness.

Shellbells said...

sorry about the graphic descriptions but I am sure you have been there!! Jo is to blame for the name!!