Friday, August 1, 2008

winter sunday picnic

I know we dont get winter in the true sense of the word up here but it gets cold enough for me...last sunday we caught up with the cousin & fam. Met at a little seaside town near us called Brunswick. Was one of those cold dreary days never the less...
kids played in the park...

kids met up with a lady and her bird

boys fished...( they caught 2 small ones but did the kiss and return thing!!!)

ate & drank too much of this!!

the birds got a feed too

but all in all had a sundays!!!

Thanks for the fun P xxx

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motherdove said...

What a great day - all kids exhausted by the end! And adults too!
Still waiting for Ben to sort out your request - sorry to take so long! So much going on - but have reminded him many times!!