Friday, August 1, 2008

bubba's creations

bubba was able to participate in the happy holidy hour this year as one of the boys(although probably not mature enough) and did all the crafts that the 5-6 year old boys did. the pictures are to follow...think he did quite well despite his almost 4 age!!!
a sheep wall hanging
a flower press with native nuts on topa gecko catching a fly wall hanger there are pegs to hang on things on to the red tongue bit!

an echidna photo frame, and the kids got there photo taken to put in it too.

and last but not least his version of my gecko designed bag


BigCat said...

What a clever chap. So much lovely craft.

CurlyPops said...

That's amazing...I love all of the kiddie crafts that you've posted lately. I'm going to have try some of those out with my nephews.

motherdove said...

Wow!! Great craft activities - he did a wonderful job!

vanessa. said...

hehe, i helped him make the flower press one!
i applied glue where he wanted it, he stuck them on..
quite amusing =D