Friday, April 25, 2008

Holiday Part 3: Fraser Island

this post is going to be long!!! Have had a hard time choosing the photos that i have...too many choices due to our camera crew aka Nanni b and Grumpy..

Only really got to play in the surf and fish on the first day due to wind and rain on and off. But still had fun. Chicken and myself in the sand

The fishermen...


Chicken got hold of the hose and had immense fun chasing uncle royce with it...

Went to Central Station...Chicken getting a ride with dad.

Obviously bubba has been spending a little too much time with his father!!! He seriously did this on his own accord.

photo booth time

Big thank yous to kev for entertaining the kids with the hats

Hubby doing the pirate!!

bubba talking on the UHF between cars

chicken with dad at the pinnacles

what was left of chicken's choc bunny..

last day was spent at lake allum where the turtles flock!!

on the stump

Yes I did drive on the island!!!

chicken put her nappy on her head so grumpy followed suit...perfect pair

bye bye island

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