Monday, February 18, 2008

bedroom update

YES We have finally pulled out our fingers and done some more to the kids room. Hubby has put in the windows and made the bed head to my specifications...gotta love that man! I spent the wee hours Saturday night and sunday morning giving the bedhead a stain so that it matches the beds...well pretty close anyhow. Dont ever use stain and varnish!! So hard not to show the runs and streaks. Anywho it is now done! It makes the room cause both kids have their own little nook now. If one has their light on it doesnt keep the other one awake!! Hubby even wired in some nice night lights for them.

Here is chicken's side...notice the butterflies have returned. She hasn't touched them now for 2 weeks so hopefully they are there for good. Have yet to fill the shelves but that won't take long.

This is bubba's side.

Both bubba and chicken have a little nook to put their current books in at their head.

Also have used the space between the beds to use as a dirty linen chute.

Sorry picture is sideways. Haven't stained the door yet but I hope you get the drift. I love a multitasking piece of furniture!!

So thats the update on the bedroom done...check!


motherdove said...

That looks fantastic. What a great design!! The kiddies must love it.

Shellbells said...

thanks, they do