Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nature armbands

Was surfing the other day and came across the idea of putting tape wrongside up around the kids arms and go for a nature walk with them and stick your finds (whether they be flowers or leaves) on the band. loved the idea. Sorry I can't remember where i saw it please let me know if it was your blog so that I can give you credit. Anywho genius loved it
Here are their bands

I had to join in too so here is my band

Must say though that chicken didn't get very involved so would recommend it for 3 and up but chicken did enjoy the walk and picking up sticks so it was all good.


motherdove said...

What a fun idea!

Ruth said...

Ooh... this is a great idea! I will be doing this :-)

Juddie said...

Wow! I don't have kids but will try and remember this next time I'm hanging out with some littlies! Great idea :-)