Monday, January 21, 2008

Gaz... the giraffe!

Mate my creative juices are flowing this week. Must be the influence of all the bloggers I peruse. Have had a bash at making a giraffe! Have named him Gaz. Bubba has his eye on him so I guess his life will be spent on Bubba's bed. Took forever to hand sew... My mother in law would despair!! Again I'm not the greatest sewer!! I found this funky material at a op shop in town. It used to be a sheet. Stay tuned for more cause I'm having fun....Time permitting of course.


motherdove said...

The giraffe is great! Love the fabric, and teamed with that gorgeous blue - you are a true designer!!

Shellbells said...

just bought somemore jems of fabric from the op shop today so keep your eyes peeled ...just need some spare time??? Got any I can borrow?